Why You Shouldn’t Buy LinkedIn Accounts For Lead Generation

There are lots of resources on the Internet to start LinkedIn leads. But at first you ought to but old to have more followers for your online business. If you’re a social media marketer then a LinkedIn profile is your best option to reach to the public with video promotional services. Even though it might be hard at first to obtain some great leads in this area but with time and determination everything will be OK. Here are some tips to help you buy LinkedIn accounts for your online business:

Use the same professional name when selling and promoting your products on social media. You have to build relationships not just sell them, on LinkedIn you have to promote yourself, so the same professional name should be used on all your social media networking pages. This is the very first thing that people notice about you and if you don’t give emphasis on your professional name on LinkedIn you will lose some of the leads that you may have been trying so hard to attain. The second tip on how to buy linkedin accounts is also related to this point, do not use your real name as it’s too generic.

Do not buy LinkedIn connections that are fake. There are several reasons why people would create fake profiles on LinkedIn. One is they are hacked. They create these accounts just to attract people to buy their products or join their organizations. Another reason why fake linkedin profiles are created is to stir up trouble and spread rumors about certain companies and products.

There are plenty of ways to determine whether a profile on a social networking website is fake or not. One of them is by going through the persons’ recent activities on the site. If you see that a person had a ton of new contacts recently then chances are that they are fake. A recent activity is enough to give away if the person is trying to sell you linkedin accounts.

Buy LinkedIn Account and Remove Old Accounts. The best thing that you can do to remove from your connectedin accounts those that are fake is to contact the person who has created them. Ask them why they created those accounts and then ask them to delete them. You can even send them an email asking them to remove those accounts. A lot of times people will not be able to remove old accounts unless they get in touch with the original person who created it.

Buy LinkedIn Account and Remove Multiple Profile Links. There are many people who will create multiple profiles on linkedins that look identical. These people will use these linkedins profiles to try and market their business to as many people as possible. If you want to avoid buying LinkedIn accounts that look identical to others then it is recommended that you do not create as many profiles as possible on linkedins.

Buy LinkedIn Account and Avoid Being Targeting. Some marketers think that if they buy bulk linkedin accounts that they will be less likely to be targeted by some spam emails. This may not be true. Many people think that because they have so many profiles that their contacts will know them and won’t target them as someone who might be selling products.

Buy LinkedIn Account and Avoid Being Tricking. If you do decide that you want to try and use your linkedin accounts for lead generation, you need to be careful. Many spammers will use other social sites such as Facebook and twitter to find people to target with spam email marketing. So it is important that you keep your connected accounts and profile pages separate from your personal page and website. If you find someone who you think could be trying to sell to you then you need to stay away from them.

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