What Are the Important Traits of a Project Manager?

The success of a project greatly depends on its manager. A manager, with his management skills, can either turn a project into a huge success or a big failure PMP certification. So, how would you know whether or not a project manager has the ability to successfully manage projects? In this article.

First of all, an effective project manager should be able to inspire a shared vision among his team members. He should have a proper blueprint of the project, and know exactly how to achieve the goal. Thus, a leader should be able to help the team visualize the goal and work hard towards achieving it.

Secondly, he should be a good communicator. The project leader should be able to effectively communicate with team members and clients. He should not only be able to properly communicate the requirements, performance, responsibility, expectations associated with the project to his team members.

but also get timely feedback from the clients and make sure the team works according to the feedback received. A manger who is himself unclear about where to go cannot guide a team successfully.

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