Website Lead Generation Can Increase Your Business by Up to 40%

There are a few simple rules for generating leads; having relevant information that the prospect is looking for and getting them to opt in with their contact information.

The overall website lead generation process begins with having a good landing page on your website. The landing page needs to be designed well and must contain a place for the customer to opt-in to receive more information.

Also, as a side note, having the customer opt-in complies with all the spam regulations.

Designing a landing page is simple. You’ll want to try to include videos or pictures related to your topic, as this adds tremendous credibility to your landing page, as well as makes it much more interactive. It is import to keep the content simple and try to reduce the amount of text, as you don’t want to drone on and bore your prospect.

A good place to start is by writing about something that is interesting to you. It is a well know fact that you will be able to write much better if you are writing about subjects that you enjoy and are passionate about.

Remember to include keywords in both the initial title of the webpage, as well as within the content you are creating in order to increase the search results, which is your entire generation objective. These keywords must be relevant to the web content and strategically placed throughout the landing page. There are many tools and resources available to help decipher what keywords will work best to increase traffic to your landing page through organic searches.

Google has a great keyword tool to use as a resource.
Another method to generate internet leads for your business is to use the existing clients you already have or target new clients with email marketing. These email ads can be linked back to your landing page.

By writing your email content specific to the customer will help increase responses by at least 40%. Simply including their name in the email makes the email more personal. Adding additional information related to buying habits can also help increase response rates. The layout of your email ad should be designed with the same simplicity as your landing page. Your ad will also need to include an opt-in field to capture the leads.

The main objective for your company is to increase your business and profits. In order to achieve this objective you will need to drive additional traffic to your landing page. Integrating keywords throughout your landing page and email content is critical for amount of responses to increase dramatically. This concept, coupled directly with adding opt-in fields in order to capture those customers information will quickly allow you to communicate with more of your qualified prospects than you have in the past.

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