Top Tips for Today’s Email Etiquette

Email use is a daily fact of life and is an important medium for today’s business communications. The way businesses handle email communications can enhance or detract from their business image and even hamper their business relationships with clients and new prospects GoDaddy email login . In fact, email is so important, that some businesses rely solely on this medium for routine communications with customers and prospects. To make sure that you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to your own email correspondence, consider following our email etiquette tips to improve your email note’s effectiveness.

Written letters will always start with the “Dear so and so” lead-in, but with email, the typical salutation is “Hi John”, “Hello Nancy”, just the recipient’s name and a comma, a time greeting such as “Good Morning Alex”, and sometimes even “Dear so and so”. Some people don’t even add a salutation to their email and just jump right into the message. (This lack of salutation should be reserved to situations where you know the person well and are involved in a rapid-fire email exchange over a short period of time.

If you are unsure what to use as your opening salutation, or if your recipient is overseas, it is best to stick with the old standby of “Dear so and so” or “Hello Mr. Smith”. But, in nearly every other case, it is perfectly okay to start your email note with Hi or Hello and the recipient’s name. In fact, some people break even this Hi/Hello issue down even further, and use Hi if they personally know the recipient and Hello as the salutation if they do not know the recipient well. Whether you are a Hi/Hello or a Good Morning/Good Afternoon kind of person, know that there is simply not a hard and fast rule for a proper salutation in email as there is in regular letter correspondence.

Have you ever gotten a huge email note full of details that just seemed to go on and on? Although there is certainly a place for detailed emails and specifically if you need to confirm a plan so that you will have a written or electronic record, but too much content may lose the attention of your reader. They may scan the message or not even read it, if it is too long. It may simply be better to break one super long email note into several smaller notes. In some cases, it may be better to pick up the phone and nail down some of those details and then just confirm in a bullet list the items agreed upon in the phone conversation.

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