Top 5 Pregnancy Health Complaints

During the latter stages of pregnancy most mothers will experience minor problems from insomnia to heartburn and here we look at the top five, minor complaints experienced during this period of pregnancy.

Carrying the extra weight during the later stages of your pregnancy will make you feel tired, more so than usual. To help 產前護理. ease this tiredness it is essential to set aside some regular rest periods within your day whereby you can relax by sitting down and raising your feet. If your tiredness appears excessive it is possible you could be suffering from anaemia. This can be easily treated by ensuring you consume plenty of iron in your daily diet through eating lean red meat, green leafy vegetables, pulses, nuts and whole grains. If after changing your diet these feelings of excessive tiredness continue consult your doctor or midwife.

Heartburn manifests itself as a burning sensation in your chest which often occurs during the latter stages of pregnancy. It seems to appear aggravated when lying down. Heartburn is caused through enhanced levels of hormones in your body causing the valve at the tip of your stomach to become relaxed which as a consequence, permits stomach acids to escape back into the gullet causing the burning feeling. Try not to eat fatty or spicy foods and consuming small but regular meals will all help to reduce the effects of heartburn. Drinking some milk prior to going to sleep and sleeping in a slightly elevated position will also go some way to help ease heartburn. If this does not ease the symptoms, then it is worth visiting your doctor and explaining the situation to him or her. Be careful when purchasing over-the-counter medicines to treat heartburn given some of the products in the marketplace are not suitable for pregnant mothers or mothers who are breastfeeding.

The inability to get to sleep is a common problem during pregnancy given you find it difficult to become comfortable in bed. This is further compounded by your constant visits to the toliet. Try taking a bath and a warm drink before bedtime to help you relax better and try to find a comfortable sleeping position. Use lots of pillows to support your bump when lying on your side.

Oedema, also known as swelling of the area around the joints, occurs predominantly around the feet and ankles and on occasions the hands. This is a consequence of your body retaining much more fluid than it normally does and at the end of the day this excess fluid tends to build up around your feet which is why it is a good idea to rest at regular periods during the day whilst elivating your feet. Swelling is particularly worse in hot weather and where you have been standing for prolonged periods. Taking regular breaks and wearing support socks or tights along with comfortable shoes should help to ease the symptoms. As a matter of routine, always inform your doctor or midwife if you experience any swelling because it can be indicative of a more serious condition known as pre-eclampsia which needs to be treated quickly and effectively.

Excess itching ordinarily manifests itself around the area of skin near or close to your bump and is sometimes accompanied by a rash. This is easily treated and a favourite amongst pregnant mothers is chamomile lotion being effective at relieving the itchiness and moisturising your skin. Itchiness can be caused by excess sweating and therefore wearing cool loose fitting clothes constructed of natural fibres can help ease the symptoms. If you experience any severe itching particularly during the last three months of your pregnancy, this could be a warning sign of cholestasis which although rare, is a potentially dangerous liver related problem and you should therefore consult your doctor immediately.






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