This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Buy Hair Wings.

Do you want something special for this year’s Halloween party? Do you want to impress and charm everybody with a surreal look? Well, then you must become a wonderful fairy who has just landed from the magical woodland. A fairy Halloween costume is quite simple to design Human Hair Factory Online Sale, and the whole secret lies in the colors you use and in the matching accessories. Here is what you will need: a corset like stretch top made of velvet, and a sheer layered skirt made of organza. The color of the top and of the skirt should be different, but both only soft colors; for example, the top could be of a soft lavender while the skirt in a jade tone.

Do not be afraid to combine colors; especially if you combine the colors blue, jade, teal, lavender, and soft lilac, you will obtain a magical ensemble. Your fairy Halloween costume will be ready very quickly, and you will be charmed with the results. Firstly, you need to add a little bit of glitter and sparkle to your costume. Take a handful of silver sequin beads, and create some nice patterns. Start with the neckline; no matter whether it is v-shaped or other shape, you will decorate it with one layer of silver sequin beads. Now, do the same at the bottom of the top, or the waistline.

Your fairy Halloween costume starts to take shape. If your corset like top has any trims on the front, like the two usual parallel trims from the chest to the waistline, you should decorate those as well. This time, take white satiny beads, and decorate those trims. Your costume is ready now. You will need to work on the accessories, so that everyone will recognize the fairy princess in you. You will design now a nice fairy head wreath. Just take a simple plastic headband. You will decorate this with petit faux flowers.

Choose some tiny roses and lavender, and glue them onto the plastic headband. Then, make a nice hairstyle, like a loose bun. Place the wreath on your head, and you will look charming. If you want to, you can also add a few thin satin ribbons to your wreath; especially if you let your hair loose these will create a wonderful effect. Procure yourself a small fairy pouch decorated with flowers, and wear a pair of silvery sandals with your new fairy Halloween costume.

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