The Strange Case of the Undecomposed Corpse

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The secrets behind mummies found in Vietnam are being explained in a new book by associate professor Nguyen Lan Cuong – published this month. The book, entitled “Secrets Behind Mummies of Bonzes” (bonzes is another word for Buddhist monks) is considered a major event of the paleo-anthropologist world.

The 200-page “Secrets behind mummies of bonzes’ is among the most well-researched book about paleo-anthropology in Vietnam. The author used Vietnam folk stories that have been told for hundreds of years. The book also includes more than 200 photos of the mummies of bonzes, as well as the excavation and preservation process of mummies.

I arrived in Hanoi in August 1998 and left 10 years later. During that time, I collected a lifetime’s worth of memories and experiences. They are etched in my being and are what I hope to share in my blog, Vietnam a Go Go

His hair was full and still black; his skin rosy pink. Everything about his son’s appearance was as the father had described. Word quickly spread and a team of six doctors from Ho Chi Minh City came to examine the dead son. Initial Face An Giang reports have been unable to explain the phenomenon and research is ongoing.

The King Returns

Rust never sleeps. Nor do the memories – and remains – of kings of yore.

A commune in the central province of Thanh Hoa has insisted that King Le Du Tong (1679-1731) of the Le Dynasty be reburied where his coffin was found, instead of its present location in the National History Museum in Hanoi.

The king is to be reburied in a special ceremony at Xuan Giang Commune’s Bai Trach Village, where his body was discovered in a coffin in 1958. Under the plan prepared by the descendants of the Le Dynasty (1428-1788), the king’s mortal remains will be moved on December 26.

The village belonged to the Le’s hometown. Some of Le Du Tong’s royal descendants – King Le Hien Tong (1497 – 1504) and King Le Chieu Thong (1786-1788) – are also buried there.

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