SEO for Small Businesses – The Essentials

All small businesses must have at least a basic knowledge about SEO. Actually, you should be bored out of your mind by this term because it has been probably mentioned to you day after day after day. You might even think that this is just another trend that will disappear down the road. Not quite! How do I know that?

Well in the world dominated by the web in which we live in, search engines are the hit of the Internet. Those who want to discover more information about something start by doing some quick online research.

It is very important to understand the basic knowledge of SEO in order to maintain your business searchable and relevant. This will only bring more traffic and business to your site. There are lots of digital marketers who will agree that your business needs professional SEO strategies. And they might be right! But it won’t hurt you to know a couple of the basic elements that keep businesses rolling.

Know what SEO is

First of all you, shouldn’t be intimidated by the word SEO. It sounds way more complicated than it is. It comes from ‘search engine optimization’ and it involves aligning your site to the recommendations and requirements of the search engines. This will help you make the site more visible in the search results and get more traffic.

These engines show videos, pages and listings according to what they believe to be relevant to a user’s query. This relevancy is determined by complicated algorithms. As you can imagine, these are not public, but they are quite open with some secrets that could hurt or help the rankings.

Know what SERP is

SERP is another key term that is less popular but just as important. It stands for Search Engine Results Page and it describes the ranking order or the listing received by a website after a search is performed. Your website’s position in the SERPs is related to SEO, so if you have a good SEO score you should also have a great SERP score. The SERP score is extremely important for small businesses that try to get high results on distinct search engine pages.

Why are keywords important to SEO?

Keywords are an important element of SEO, but lately, their role started decreasing because more and more webmasters started to use them in order to manipulate the SERPS. Since so many things are changing, search engines are also growing smarter and make their website selection process a bit more Search Engine Optimization Services complicated. Keywords remain extremely important, however they should also be accompanied by strong content and a great usability of the site in question.

Social media and SEO

You have to make sure that your business is able to cultivate a powerful social media presence. This means that you should create profiles on all channels that are related to your domain. Don’t be afraid to promote content on Facebook, Vine, Twitter or any other type of social media that will help your business grow.

Search algorithms and standards evolve and change. This can cause headaches for many people involved in SEO, but these things are created to help the users of the search engines get better results for their queries. If you keep yourself connected to the most innovative search engine principles, you will manage to impose your presence in the online world.

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