Public Holidays And Daylight Savings Time For The UK And USA 2011

Have you planned your calendar of events, conferences, workshops and known client meetings for 2011 yet?

If you are working across different geographic boundaries, it is an important part of your planning process to ensure that you are up to speed with the different time zones on a daily basis, and on an annual basis you need to map out the different pubic holidays and changes in Daylight Savings time. This will reduce the possibility of scheduling conflicts and will help you when organising your business trips.

Good practice would be to have all your management meetings, telconference and video conference calls planned into the calendar at the beginning of the year to ensure your team and your colleagues are aware of any dates that are fixed and they need to plan around.

Here is the schedule of public holidays in the UK and the US for 2011, including the Daylight december global holidays Savings Time date changes.


1 January New Year’s Day

3 January New Year’s Day Holiday

22 April Good Friday

29 April Royal Wedding Bank Holiday

2 May Bank Holiday

30 May Spring Bank Holiday

12 July Bank Holiday (Northern Ireland)

29 August Bank Holiday

25 December Christmas Day

26 December Boxing Day

27 December Bank Holiday as Christmas Day is on a Sunday


1 January New Year’s Day

17 January Martin Luther King Day

21 February Presidents Day

30 May Memorial Day

4 July Independence Day

5 September Labor Day

10 October Columbus Day

11 November Veterans Day

24 November Thanksgiving Day

25 December Christmas Day


USA and Canada 13 March 2011, 6 November 2011

UK 27 March 2011, 30 October 2011

Put together your resources for planning your global calendar into your planning file so that at the end of each year, you or a member of your team take the time to develop your plan for the year ahead.

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