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What can I say about Enron that hasn’t already been said by millions of others who have seen, either in person, on TV or online the Broadway play about the downfall of former CEO and Founder of Enron, Dick Cheney. The movie, Fallen, was one of the year’s most popular shows. With an all star cast including Chris Sarandon, James Belushi, Celine Dion and Jeff Daniels it was a great take on a situation that took place almost three decades ago. This play is about the very real problem with our country and the problems that are faced by our leadership at the current time.

For anyone who has ever seen the play, or even read the book, Fallen, knows all too well what takes place. So, what do you think about Enron? In the cast of the show, there were many familiar faces from the days when Enron was a very dominant force in the energy market. Some of these faces include; Jon Bon Jovi, Dyanmo, Randy Jackson, Tom Arnold, Mike Myers, David Hyde Pierce, Mark Linn-Baker, Pam Beesly, Peter Faciana, John Galt, and Kevin Dunn.

The storyline for this play is the exact same as the book. After taking out his competitors during a stock market crash, a new company starts up named Enron. A top level executive named Jeffries is put in charge of the company. A huge scandal occurs which ultimately destroys Enron and Jeffries’ career.

Many of the actors who were on stage with the aforementioned ‘famous’ actors had their own careers on the line while they were performing. How so? Consider how Enron ended for the company, where the stock market crashes completely destroyed the illusion that everyone could make money. There was no future for the stock market, the reality stars found themselves out of work and unable to find work. So how did all of this affect them? Well, some of them found themselves not being able to pay the rents or mortgages, some lost their homes, some lost their cars, and some even had to file bankruptcy.

Some people think that these situations were contrived by the actors and the company to have drama in the play. This is absolutely not true. Before the events of September 11th happened, the economy was doing better than it is today. It is possible that some of the events in the show were planned well in advance to give the cast and the audience something to do while all of America was getting prepared to go back to work.

Now, let’s talk about this latest drama. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Some of the events in the play could almost be real. Think about the terrible Enron. The greed of a few greedy businessmen has caused an entire city to fail, which includes their ability to feed their families.

Furthermore, the way some of the ‘celebrities’ react to the crisis is just flat hilarious. Mike Myers has a big rage problem and throws a tantrum while Brad Pitt gets emotional and destroys his own movie script. These are two situations that you would expect to see on a sitcom from ‘The Simpsons’, but none of the characters in Glee actually fall for it.

So who do you think is really behind this whole Enron thing? Are they trying to make us feel bad for making lousy decisions when we already know that most businesses these days aren’t really all that great? Or is there another element here? Let me leave you to ponder this.

If you like Enron, then by all means enjoy the show. If you don’t, then at least watch one of the Broadway shows with a bunch of oddballs. This may be the most far-fetched element of the Enron story, but it’s true. I’m thinking there is some sort of payoff somewhere down the line.

In fact, I just finished reading an article about a possible sequel to Enron! One cast member said they were going to play a part in the sequel, and they will all be related to each other somehow. Interesting… That’s a twist you definitely want to hear about.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a seat and get to watch the show. There are quite a few good shows out there that you won’t be disappointed with. Just remember…

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