Easily Find Dead People by Using Government Death Records

Are you trying to find someone, perhaps for research, or even to simply find a long lost love, but aren’t sure if they’re dead or alive? You could try to look through property records, but if they are no longer on this earth, you’ll have a very tough time trying to find them because, well, they don’t own property. So how, then, are you supposed to go about finding records of deceased people?

At some point in all of our lives, we have a need to find someone. Whether it is an old high school friend, an Army buddy, a long lost relative, or someone you simply want to find because you want to catch up on what they are doing, they an all be thrown aside if the person you are looking for is deceased https://www.tragedyinfo.com/brian-turner-death-obituary-brian-turner-cause-of-death/. It is hard to think about and isn’t always the most pleasant of thoughts, but there is a strong possibility they aren’t here anymore.

Unfortunately, there is no record database that keeps everyone’s death records in one place. The government hasn’t seen any need for it on a national level, so the funding hasn’t been approved for such a database. If you are looking in a certain town or county, many times they have the death records located in the probate department if they were recently deceased. If they passed away quite some time ago, they will not be there. Instead, you can try looking at microfiche records that will possibly be kept in the library that is run by your county or locality. As you can imagine, though, these are very sparse and there is no guarantee to their accuracy or completeness.

That doesn’t even touch on the fact that you have to know exactly where someone died before you can go searching for their death record. Even if the person lived in a certain area, the place where they died will be where the death record is kept. Their obituary will most likely be in the local paper, but the official record that shows cause of death, surviving relatives, address, and a brief synopsis of what happened, is located at the place of death. Obviously you have to know that before you try to look it up, but unfortunately that isn’t always known.

There are, however, certain websites that are designed solely for consolidating all of these public records into one place and making them search able. The best part of it is that you don’t have to know everything about the person – you could only know their first and last name and you’ll find them. You could even forget their name but know their spouse’s name, and it will come up in the surviving members section.

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