Dunk Tank and Carnival Game Ideas

We have seen many different people perched atop our dunk tank, and they are always sitting there in that precarious position for the same reason.

The reason is as simple as “To make people smile.”

Whether the dunk tank rental has been provided for a fundraiser, product launch party, company picnic, or other event- the result of the final dunking and soaking of the contestant always illicit smiles.

Happiness is the Key to Success. And without creating smiles, happiness is hard to find. The dunk tank is a very rudimentary, classic device that has been used to create smiles for countless years. These amazing carnival games are always a hit for special events and carnivals, as well as for staff appreciation events.

A recent dunk tank rental we provided was for a local Call Center. The management team was trying to develop cost effective rewards programs that not only made the team look forward to a goal, but also left the team members with a memorable experience. They decided putting the managers at the company into the dunk tank would be a great reward for workers who had met their goals. The highest producing worker from each division got to dunk the manager of that division. This fuel tank rentals created a one month contest, in which the company surpassed all other productivity goals in company history.

The dunk tank event became a large event very quickly when the buzz about the dunk tank spread throughout the cubicles. Soon, management realized they needed some other carnival game ideas and activities to not only compliment the dunk tank rental, but also to offer rewards to the group for achieving such great numbers.

Fortunately we are a carnival game ideas producer, and had tons of incredible carnival games for their event. We developed custom games which represented each division of the company, and the event was a huge success. The company has decided to use our services each quarter of the business year for rewarding it’s team of workers.

Since the beginning of our long term client relationship with this call center, the manager of the company has repeatedly said that the one thing that our fun ideas and simple activities has brought to his team which he appreciates the most is higher moral. This moral shift has lead to better productivity, longer employee retention, and a creation of a family of workers who are all dedicated to the same

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