Choosing A Sustainable Bag

With more of us becoming aware of our carbon footprint we are all looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact whilst also finding the best deals possible when it comes to shopping. One great way of doing this is by looking at the manufacture of your bags. There are two main types of materials used in the manufacture of handbags and these are leather and non-leather. Non-leather materials can include such materials as synthetic fibres and plastics. The cost of the materials used and therefore the price range will vary.

Leather handbags are often thought to be one of the most high profile bags but are actually fairly inexpensive when compared with similar designs in other materials. As leather is hard wearing, durable and long lasting it means that you can carry around a large number of smaller bags without the risk of them ripping or tearing. As with all fashion trends there is always a new style and shape to the handbag but many are beginning to realise that eco friendly bags offer a much cheaper option whilst also remaining stylish and contemporary.

Many bags are made from natural and sustainable materials, however this needs to be verified. Check the ingredients label to ensure that the leather has not been treated with chemicals or bleaching. Look for a bag with an ethical symbol featuring an animal, plant or symbol. A good example is the Union Made bag. Whilst these bags may not be cheap they are made from sustainable skins and will remain stylish for years to come. Similarly, if you are buying an eco-friendly bag it will not have a long life and will only look worn out over time.

Bags that are made from sustainable bags are also much easier on the environment as they reduce landfill waste. This means that you have less waste going into the landfill and so less fuel being burned for landfills. In turn this means lower emissions into the atmosphere which contribute to global warming. You can find eco friendly handbags made from ethically made materials online at greatly discounted prices.

Most people now want to create a difference in the world and using items such as reusable bags and purses is a great way to do this. If you buy an ethical product such as a handbag sustainable material it will not be damaged or reproduced. There is no difference in quality between bags that are recycled and those that are not. The same applies to leather products such as wallets and purses. These are both completely biodegradable and made from renewable materials.

There are many different types of bags available including clutch bags, carry-on bags and backpacks. These can all be made from various different materials, although some are more stylish than others. Eco friendly bags tend to be smaller in size and therefore can be used as accessories for handbags and other items of clothing. It is possible to get away without using many biodegradable materials by using organically made alternatives such as those made from cotton and hemp. These may be slightly more expensive but they are better for the environment.

When choosing a brand of bags there are a number of factors that can help. Look for bags with a fair price range. Some brands offer products with a low price range, which is more economical and eco-friendly but they do not last as long as those that have a higher price range. When choosing a brand look also at the ethical credentials of the company. Some brands are completely eco-friendly but also have a brand logo. This is often down to marketing so if a brand has a logo that promotes environmentalism then it is more likely to be an ethical brand.

One brand that is particularly noted for its environmentally friendly fabric is Mellow Yellow. The company produces products from natural sources and they have a reputation for being good value for money. Mellow Yellow also produce bags that are highly fashionable and very unique. The artisans involved in making these bags have a long history of working in the leather and cloth industry and use a variety of natural dyes and fabrics to create their work.

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