Case Study; Small Business Flyer Distribution Etiquette Mobile Carwash Service

Flyer distribution is one of the best ways to do local marketing and advertising for your business. It is one of the most cost-effective ways in direct marketing. Sadly, the door hanger distribution prowess of this form of advertising has been underestimated by many companies who go over the top with print ads and other forms of expensive advertising. For instance, let us take an example of retail store advertising about its goods on sale. It has two options: one to print an advertisement in one of the pages of the newspaper or maintain ‘exclusivity ‘by inserting a leaflet in the very same newspaper. Obviously, the glossy leaflet will attract more eyeballs.

Flyer distribution done through newspapers or delivered by hands through the letterbox has a good effect on people who are considered as ‘target consumers’ by these companies. If you are a hotel who is hoping to attract local people in the area, you can do your best advertising through this method. A local business that is aiming to attract the cream of local audience can study the relevant demographic that will enjoy its services and employ a flyer distribution company to help with area profiling and making leaflets that can strike a chord with the people.

As a company, you have to ensure two things: the leaflet should be of high quality and delivered to the right people. When these two conditions are met, you are sure to have exceeded the returns from the costs involved in this form of marketing. Do not go for cheap quality leaflets at cheap prices, because they reflect on the sad quality of your business. A glossy, high quality leaflet is equivalent to the work of a smart and charismatic salesman. The best thing for the customers is that he or she gets the full scope to take the initiative; there are no pressure tactics involved.

Most small businesses, which do business in their communities, have found that distributing flyers is a good way to generate new customers and thus increase sales. Unfortunately many of these small companies go too far and do not follow proper etiquette and end up either breaking the law or upsetting potential customers.

Many municipalities have ordinances on the distributing of handbills or flyers. And of course it is against the law to litter as well. The USPS has laws against using mailboxes for flyering, as they are only for mail so Do not pass out flyers in mailboxes, unless in single story office buildings with door slots only. You should never flyer cars or windshield wipers.

Having used flyers in our companies over the years we have distributed millions of flyers, but we were careful to follow the ordinances, rules and laws, which govern the distribution of handbills. Our company is a Mobile Carwash Business, which has sold franchises in 22 states. We have watched competitors flyer cars and then seen these flyers littered all over a parking lot upsetting the landowners, patrons, police and small business shop proprietors. We recall one even being called up by the local postmaster threatening to have them arrested if they continued to put their flyers in home mailboxes on the third warning.

It is best to do direct sales and those interested then leave them a flyer. Some good places to reach people are in places of mass gatherings upon exiting and walking back to their cars. If they want the flyer they take one and if not, you save the printing costs. If one wants to leave a flyer on a car, it is best to leave a business card instead left at a 45 degree angle between the driver’s window and the rubber seal right above the door handle. If you are considering starting a mobile car wash there are other better ways to advertise. Such as making bumper stickers for cars and asking loyal customers to place one on their car. “This Car Cleaned by Extreme Mobile Car Wash” then phone number and trade for a discount on the customer’s weekly washes. Another is to give discounts for referrals from existing customers. Magnet signs do very well on company vehicles, as potential customers see you working and want to know more about your services.

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