Advantages of Human Hair Wigs Made of Real Hair

Human hair wigs are widely used by women who want to imitate the look of a famous celebrity. The only difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs are in the material. A human hair wig can hold its style for a long time even after styling. Synthetic wigs need to be washed regularly. But human hair wigs can easily be maintained and style without washing them regularly.

human hair wigs

There are many reasons why women choose human hair wigs over synthetic ones. One of these reasons is the styling versatility of the wig. A human hair wig is made with real human hair, so you don’t need to worry about it’s styling flexibility. Human hair wigs can hold their own shape even when styling them. This is a great advantage compared to synthetic wigs that tend to get crumpled and worn down after frequent styling.

Another advantage of human hair wigs are their durability and heat-friendly characteristics. Most synthetic wigs require several hours of drying time, which makes them heavy and bulky. But human hair wigs don’t require any drying time because they’re made with durable synthetic materials that don’t get damaged easily. This makes them easy to maintain and use. Another advantage is that synthetic wigs tend to gather lint, which is a potential fire hazard, so regular washing with soap and water is a must to avoid damaging your wig.

Human hair wigs also provide good quality and natural looking hair. It has its own natural shine, texture and volume that cannot be duplicated with synthetic materials. Most women prefer to use human hair wigs because they enhance the beauty of any style. They can perfectly complement any styled look. Heat styling tools are required to style them, so they should be regularly cleaned.

The natural human hair wigs are usually colored, bleached or textured to provide better hair texture and appearance. The process of coloring or texturing is called perming. Perming allows the natural hair texture to come alive making the wig more attractive. Many celebrities and fashionistas love to use these type of human hair wigs because of its natural look and glamour.

Human hair wigs are much more versatile than synthetic wigs. They can be styled into any style. However, this is not possible with synthetic wigs because they are not designed for styling. Aside from their inability in being styled, another disadvantage of human hair wigs is the price. Real wigs are usually more expensive than synthetic wigs.

The versatility of human hair wigs cannot be compared with any other synthetic wigs. Their natural texture allows them to come in any style desired by the owner. They are able to attain the same degree of versatility that can be found in any natural wig without the need of heated styling tools and with the absence of chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Synthetic wigs are often made using chemical agents that can cause side effects such as allergies, rashes and more.

Another advantage of human hair wigs is the price. Wigs made of natural human hair are less expensive than synthetic ones. Moreover, they can also be styled just like a real wig. Although synthetic wigs may have a longer lifespan, real human hair wigs are much more durable.

Another advantage of human hair wigs comes from the natural characteristics that they possess. They have the ability to attain the necessary moisture needed by the scalp. In addition, they have the tendency to keep the proper shape of the scalp. This is essential in maintaining proper hair texture. This characteristic enables human hair wigs to retain the natural shine and smoothness after it has been styled. As you know, the most common issue when it comes to wig maintenance is the frequent application of heat on the scalp.

The last advantage of human hair wigs is their affordable price. There is no doubt that synthetic wigs require less effort when it comes to styling and maintenance. This is because they do not need heated tools. With the absence of heat, there is no need to worry about applying creams or oils on the scalp. In fact, all you need to do is to dry the wig thoroughly before you style it using any type of tool.

These are the four kinds of advantages that synthetic wigs possess over human hair wigs made of real hair. Based on these factors alone, you will now be able to decide whether you prefer genuine hair or artificial wig. But before you make your final decision, I strongly suggest that you at least learn more about the different types of wig available in the market today. Proper knowledge about the products will be useful in helping you choose the best one that will suit your needs.

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